– Ana Noronha, Vice-President of Ciência Viva — Welcome (0:00:07)

– Nathalie Gontier, Director AppEEL and Invited Researcher Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon – Welcome and Introduction (0:01:20)

– Douglas Zook, Professor of Science Education and Global Ecology Boston University, USA – The Dominance of Symbiosis in the Biosphere (0:13:56)

– Folmer Bokma, Professor of Ecology and Environmental Sciences Umeå University, Sweden – What can Extinct Species Tell us about the Evolution of Living Species? (0:43:07)

– Emanuele Serrelli, Visiting Researcher at AppEEL – Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab University of Milano Bicocca, Italy – Sloshing in the bucket: Ecology, Biogeography, and Descent in Recent Models of Human Evolution (1:02:40)

– Larissa Mendoza-Straffon, Visiting Researcher at AppEEL – Applied Evolutionary Epistemology LabUniversity of Leiden, The Netherlands -The Role of Visual Art in Human Evolution (1:18:06)

– Daniel Dor, Professor of Communication Tel Aviv University, Israel – The Co-Evolution of Language and its Speakers (1:33:17)

– Mónica Tamariz, Research Associate at the Experimental Psychology Research Unit University of Granada, Spain – How Computer Help Us Examine the Evolution of Language (2:00:13)